Rare - "Coco-Chan" Vinyl Bag - Shōwa

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Rare - "Coco-Chan" Vinyl Bag  - Shōwa

Here we have for sale an Ultra rare vinyl tote bag up for grabs!

This bag is Shōwa era imported from Japan. Exact production date unknown but it is thought to be dead stock from the early 70s. Graphic is derived from "Coco-Chan" 70’s motorcycle delinquent romance books illustrated by Makino Kazuko. This bag would be perfect for for beach, retro outfit or perfect for your vintage Japanese collection. You will not find another one of these.

★ For fashion use or collection

★ Authentic goods

★ Made in Japan

★ Ultra rare

★ Clear vinyl material, no yellowing

★ Vintage Neon Printed graphics

★ A+ Condition

★ Dimensions = 11.5" width x 12" height. 16" height including handles.

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Orders outside of Canada please allow 2-4 weeks shipping. All pricing is in Canadian Dollars.

*This item is a treasure sourced in Japan. Note that quality is assured and satisfaction important to AHSCo crew*