2018 Spring Danglers

$17.00 / Sold Out

Authentic AHSCo hand-made key chains by Brooklynn Pickering. Release 1 of our 2018 collection.

Only 1 of each available. Add style to you're pocket.

A - S13 Hatch (SOLD)
B - DA Integra (SOLD)
C - EG Civic Hatch
D - E36 Sedan (SOLD)
E - DA Integra GSR (SOLD)
F - 240ZX (SOLD)
G - Goodluck black cat (SOLD)
H - EF Hatch (SOLD)

These keychains are 1 of 1 products made using hemp cord and treasure hunted beads. Only 1 of each will ever be available. Uniqueness and authenticity is important to us. Each Key chain ordered will receive a AH logo die cut decal in the package.

Kelowna locals! Please use the code "LOCALSONLY" for free shipping.

Orders outside of Canada please allow 2-4 weeks shipping.

Note that custom keychains can be made to suit your automotive style! For details or more information please contact us at AfterHoursSupplyco@hotmail.com or via out contact button.